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Act I
Lady Harriet Durham, maid-of-honor to Queen Anne (1702-1714) feels she has come full circle with her lavish
life at the Palace, and, along with Tristan, her cousin, and Nancy, her confidante, decides to slum it in the
country. They set out to Richmond, under the names of Martha, Julia and Bob and, while Tristan runs away from
from what he considers as sheer madness, hire themselves out as maidservants to Lyonel, son of a now-deceased
bannished nobleman, and Plumkett, a wealthy farmer.
Act II
Unfortunately, Lady Harriet's plans are thwarted by the social divide between them and the plebeian society
in which they set foot, as well as the blatant incompetence both women display with respect to the duties defined in
the contract they sealed with the farmers. Furthermore, Lyonel and Plumkett are struck by their charms and fall
for them. Overwhelmed by these incontingencies, Lady Harriet and Nancy run back to the Palace with the help of
Tristan, and seek comfort by clinging back unto their once-lost luxurious lifestyle and comfort.
Melancholy has struck both farmers. Madness has sneaked in, and dreams of their lost loves are now intruding onto
their already disturbed psyches. Lyonel crosses paths with Lady Harriet and sets free his total madness.
Tristan orders his arrest. Before he is taken away, Lyonel asks Plumkett to give his ring to the Queen as
token of his lineage.
Act IV
Lady is steeped in sorrow and regrets. She expresses Her love for Lyonel while the latter has been released by the
Queen and now lives secluded on his farm.His pride has been tarnished, and love has given way to hatred. After a
failed attempt to regain Lyonel, Lady Harriet decides to "crank up" the time machine and, teaming up withng with
Nancy and Plumkett, reappears as Martha. Lady, Nancy and the farmers succeed in patching things up and finally get
    Composer: Friedrich von Flotow - four-act German opera (in German)
    At: Théâtre Darius Milhaud - 80 Allée Darius Milhaud - 75019 Paris - M° Porte de Pantin
    On: Fridays at 9 PM and Sundays at 4 PM, 18 September to 28 October 2009 (12 performances)
    Tickets: 17, 13€ (Students, unemployed, over 65, 25 or less),
    10€ (groups), 8€ (12 or less, Carte Pass)
    Reservations: 01-42-01-92-26
    Directed by: Lester McNutt
    Musical direction: Diane Gonié
    Arrangements: Emanuele Gonano, Adrien Plessis, Gabriel Vallejo
    Set and costumes: Gaëlle de Luze
    Web site: David Cabessa/Gabriel Vallejo
    With: Violaine Barthélemy, Stéphane Gallet, Hélène Laloy, Lester McNutt,
    Simon McNutt, Frédéric Thérisod
    Produced by: Compagnie Lester McNutt - 01-43-62-73-02 / 06-61-80-95-99
    E-mail: LMcnutt@aol.com


    Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/operamartha









    Lester McNutt     
    (Stage director, Lyonel)
                 (Musical Director)             
       Violaine Barthélemy
              (Nancy, Julia)
                  Frédéric Thérisod 
              Hélène Laloy










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    fête ses 22 ans d'existence